Laying Chemical Peel Myths To Rest – Finally! Chemical Peels in Manhattan, NY

A recent article in Skin Inc. Magazine stated the following, “Although chemical peels are an obvious choice to reveal younger, smoother, brighter skin, there are outdated beliefs about how peels have to perform.”

Here at The Savin Center in New York City, we frequently see patients who have numerous outdated or untrue beliefs about chemical peels. Well, we’re here to lay these myths to rest, once and for all!

Results Take Weeks or Months

Absolutely untrue! Many chemical peels offer dramatic results after just one treatment. A moderate-to-strong chemical peel can offer significant improvement for signs of aging and other imperfections in just 1 week.

Extensive Downtime

Unlike chemical peels of decades past, today’s chemical peels are completely customizable – and this means in terms of downtime, too. A mild chemical peel before a big event like a wedding or holiday party can pose little to no downtime.

No Pain, No Gain

What may be true on the sports field isn’t true when it comes to the skin. Chemical peels in New York City pose little to no discomfort. Keeping face moisturized and hydrated makes the peeling process largely painless.

One Size Fits All

No, no, no! Everyone has a unique complexion and this means a unique and customized chemical peel. NYC chemical peels come in various strengths and active ingredients to offer the best results for each client.

Home & DIY Ingredients

While Pinterest beauty treatments can be fun, the ingredients in our chemical peels are more effective than anything you’ll be able to do at home. That is because they are physician-grade, meaning the ingredients are more active and of a higher quality.