Hand Cream for Nurses – Tips for Apply Moisturizers

If you are a nurse, you probably have suffered red, dry, cracked, itchy, irritated hands since you have to wash and re-wash your hands a lot of times a day. And the problem becomes more serious when the weather becomes cold and windy. So what can you do to solve this problem? Let’s use hand creams.

Why should nurse use hand cream often?

nurse use hand cream

The fact is that you can avoid hand hygiene, as it has been long known that it is the very best way to prevent the spread of germs in any setting. However you can moisturize often to make your hands softer. Moisturizers can help aid in skin hydration since they usually contain water-soluble amino acids. Additionally, using moisturizers doesn’t take a lot of time so you can do that whenever you have time at any place.

Some of the most well-known hand lotions

1. AHAVA Mineral

This hand cream does not only protects your hands but also makes them softer and smoother. The main ingredient of this hand cream is hazel extract which revitalizes your hands by healing any dry, cracked skin and removes any unsightly sunspots and blemishes. You can use it as often as you need since it absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving your hands greasy. Despite its long-lasting effects on the hands, it still has some cons such as the high price or the strong fragrance.

2. Neutrogena Hand Cream

This is one of the most trusted hand creams on the market. Similar to AHAVA Mineral, this hand cream makes your hands softer and smoother just after one application. Although its price is reasonable, this hand cream is suitable for those who want to prevent cracked hands than those who want to cure their cracked hands.

3. Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream with Shea Butter

This another famous hand cream which can keep your hands nourished and hydrated all day without being greasy. However, you have to be more careful when using it since it contains parabens.

Tips for Applying Moisturizer

Now you know about the benefits of using hand cream as well as some popular hand creams. And to take the best advantages from those creams, you have to know the right ways to use them. So here are some tips that you can follow to apply moisturizer more effectively.

Pick the right product based on your skin

Our skin conditions are very different from each other, that’s why we should choose the products based on our skin condition. For example, if you have dry hands, you should apply hand cream that softly moisturizes dry hands. Or if your hands show any signs of ageing process, you should choose the hand cream that helps you reduce those wrinkles.

Pick the right product based on the seasons of where you are living

It seems like a strange tip right? Why should you care about the seasons to choose a hand cream? Well, you may not hear before but the seasons affect a lot to the effectiveness of the hand cream. Let me explain clearly, if you live in the cold places like Alaska, you need to you moisturizer that helps you against freezing cold. This moisturizer will also help dehydrate and make your skin softer. Meanwhile, if you live in tropical country like Vietnam, you will need hand cream with SPF > 15 to against sunburn.

Know the ingredients

You will hear a lot about the outstanding benefits of moisturizers on the advertisements but the truth is not all of the ingredients suits your skin. Some of them can cause allergy so you need to be more careful when choosing moisturizers. For instance, on the recent market, there are two different main ingredients in most moisturizers: emollients and humectants. While emollients act as lubricants that make the skin smooth and soft, humectants help skin retain moisture and also attract moisture from the environment. These are just two basic ingredients, and you should find out more to find the best moisturizers for your skin.

Now you know why nurses should use hand cream as well as the way to use hand creams more effectively. If you want to have more information about hand cream or any beauty products, let us know through the comment below.

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